Our Guarantee

Nic & Syd is an authorized Swarovski® Global Branding Partner. We follow strict brand standards in our manufacturing process allowing us to market all our products under the Swarovski® Crystal brand. The Swarovski® brand is ranked among the top 10 best luxury brands with one of the highest estimated values in the world. Consumers often associate the Swarovski® brand with superior quality, authenticity, glamour, exclusive style, traditions and new fashion trends.

The Swarovski seal not only ensures the quality and authenticity of the product but using new security features, enables every consumer to check its originality. A set of unique 16-digit codes is issued for every beautiful piece. This code is found below the seal that marks products with Swarovski® Crystals. Consumers, who have received a product with the Swarovski® seal, can use this unique code to verify the authenticity of their product.